Our world, “BI” and “AI”

    There is no question that everything has changed, is changing, or will change because of the Internet.

It is hard to imagine life without the constant connectivity available today.  But there was a time, only about 20+ years ago, when communicating with someone in India either meant a discussion with an operator or it meant mailing a written letter (remember those?) with lots of postage.  I have started calling that era Before the Internet, or BI.

Today, one can dictate a text or email to an iPhone, push a virtual button, and have your thoughts delivered to the other side of the globe within seconds.  (If you want to talk to someone in India, just call customer service at your favorite company!)  Modern, instantaneous, ubiquitous communications have revolutionized international business.  Companies have had to change entire organizational structures and approaches to accommodate this technology.  Mostly, the technology has streamlined and greatly improved efficiencies and products.  It has also generated its own challenges.  This new state of human affairs I call After the Internet, or AI.

So here is my current BI/AI list (please send me your additions):

BI                                                                   AI

One carried paper maps                              My phone, iPad, or car tells me when            to turn, or “make a legal u-turn”

 Guess that song was a test of memory       Shazam is really accurate!

Movie night at home involved VHS             Movie night involves Netflix

One read the Sunday papers for sales       One checks prices on the iPhone

Weather reports followed the News          Weather reports are pushed to users

Everyone on the beach had a
paperback                                                  Everyone carries Kindles

If your pocket buzzed, you
got strange looks                                       Everyone’s pocket/purse buzzes

Tweets were sounds made by birds           Tweets occupy too much of my life!

Facebook was another name for the          Facebook will soon go public for billions
FBI book of mug shots                                                more than they make!

Please send yours in!